Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Fall!!!

Wow!  The weather here in the south is getting much cooler.  We really needed the relief from the heat and humidity.  Fall makes me thing of football games, chili, curling up with a blanket and a book, and, my favorite,...pumpkin spice lattes from the 'bucks.  What do you think of when the weather gets cooler?

I was blessed with a slower day than usual yesterday, so...I worked on some displays.  Obviously, we needed something up for BBW (Banned Books Week).  I have a list of these books on our library software, but I wanted to highlight them by displaying several of the challenged titles. 

 This is the board outside the library.  It is pretty simple, but I wanted to make sure even those that don't enter the library know what is happening.  Even my wimpy kid dislikes censorship...

Here are some of our copies of banned/challenged books at the circulation desk.  This area gets the most traffic so I have had to spend some time replacing books, but...that means students are reading.  Yay!!
We put some of our titles in a cage to draw even more attention to this wonderful week.  The kids are intrigued as to why anyone would EVER want to ban books.  Hmmm...high school students are smarter (and more open-minded) than we expect sometimes.
Other displays....

Thought I would get a headstart on all things Halloween, so I put out the Fall decorations and put up a display of mysterious and frightening selections.
There are already books missing....always a good sign!

I also updated my Dewey display (switched from the zeroes to the 100s).

Lots of cool things on this shelf....makes me want to read a self-help book or two.

Anyway, I have also read two more books in my quest to read 100 this school year.  I finished these two babies last week:

The Savage by David Almond
This novel, told in text and images, explores the life of a young boy after the sudden death of his father. Short, yet disturbing, this book makes readers sympathetic towards young children who experience tragedy at a young age.

Recommended for: Boys and readers who are looking for a short, yet dense story

Rating: 3 stars

The Invention of Hugo Cabret
This book was recommended to me by a student who really enjoyed it.  I'm trying to branch out and read some graphic novels this year...it has been interesting.  This book tells the story of a young, orphaned boy who must fix the town's clocks in order to stay under the radar after the disappearance of his uncle. Stealing to survive, he is caught by an elderly shop owner who takes his beloved book of drawings.  The boy must work at the shop in order to get his book back.  While he works, he develops a friendship with a young girl.  She helps him get his notebook back and they discover many things about their pasts....

Recommended for: Graphic novel lovers who want to try something a little (or a lot!) longer than the usual graphic novel books.  This would also be good for inventive types.

Rating: 3 Stars