Monday, December 13, 2010

18 and

Aftershock by Kelly Easton

This novel tells the story of Adam, a 17-year-old who survived a car crash in which his parents were killed.  Shocked and traumatized from the crash, Adam begins walking, with no destination in mind.  He finds people to live with, but never speaks.  Adam can't get a handle on things and decides to walk home to Rhode Island...

Okay...I have to be honest here....I didn't really love this book.  It was kind of anti-climactic.  There was some build up, but nothing to get very excited about.  I kept wondering why, after realizing his parents died, nobody looked for him.  Odd...but that is just my opinion.

Recommended for: Low-level readers (this is a pretty easy read), kids looking for something short with an interesting premise

Rated: 2.5 Stars

Genghis Khan: 13th Century Mongolian Tyrant (Wicked History Series)
I've had several of these books for awhile and had a little office time this afternoon, so I chose to spend it with a cruel, yet oddly lawful, ancient leader.  This short book was actually really interesting.  I like history, but am no scholar in the area.  Therefore, I felt like I learned some cool stuff from this book.  Did you know that Genghis (not his real name!) lost his father at the young age of nine and was raised by a single mother?  Pretty shocking for someone who built such a HUGE empire. 
Anyway, I think I'll read a few more of these.....

Recommended for : history buffs, those that like short doses of neat facts, students who like biographies, but are fearful of large books

Rated: 4.75