Friday, November 5, 2010

Book 13

Book 13 (100 book challenge) is done and it was a good one! I got my hair done yesterday and had an uninterrupted two hours to was magnificent. 

You by Charles Benoit

Kyle is a typical, brooding fifteen-year-old.  He is a member of the hoodies, a group of slackers who have a uniform consisting of worn-in jeans, a black tshirt, and, of course, a black hooded sweatshirt.  Therefore, he spends most of his time "trying not to get caught" by the adults and staying out of the way of the school jocks.  The only thing "mainstream" about Kyle is his crush on a normal girl, Ashley.  He talks to her often, but isn't courageous enough to make his move.   After Kyle is accused of taking a popular athlete's wallet, things can't seem to get much worse.  Enter the new kid...Zach McDade.  Zach is charming, friendly, and...a master manipulator.  He and Kyle become partners-in-crime until he finds Kyle's weak spots and decides to push them.

This book was sooooo good.  It is a fast-paced read, full of suspense.  Benoit shows the reader the horrors of high school and the twist at the end is unexpected and tragic.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Rating: 4.75 stars
Recommended for: reluctant readers, readers looking for suspense or a fast-paced read